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10 Ways for Singers to Improve Their Performance!

This Article includes 10 ways to become a better performer. A must, for any singer wanting to improve their performance and develop their stage presence.

Successful Piano Practice

Useful tips on how to be successful in piano practice. Great ideas for beginners. How to avoid common mistakes when practicing.

How To Sing Vibrato And Improve Your Singing Skills

Knowing how to sing vibrato involves taking the right steps to achieve a good technique. While it may be hard to achieve vibrato, it does not mean that it is impossible.

The 5 Pentatonic Boxes

A simple and quick way to learn and understand the five boxes of the pentatonic scale. The boxes are used in the majority of rock lead guitar playing.

7 Cool Things (and a Bonus) You Can Do On Guitar

Seven characteristics of guitar playing that set the instrument ahead of most other instruments. The various types of dynamic expression allowed by the guitar gives players a more immediate outlet for their compositional “voice”.

Killer Guitar Practice Secrets

How to practice guitar more effectively. Learn how to save time, maximize effort, get more out of your practice sessions!

How to Bend Guitar Strings

When done right, bending notes can be one of the most effective and unique tools a guitarist can use. But it can be one of the trickiest techniques to learn to do well. This tutorial shows you how to do it right, in very little time.

Are You Suppressing Your Inner Speed Demon?

A glimpse into someone’s guitar practice routine can say a lot about them. Here’s mine from back in the day…

Guitar Lessons – Aurora Lenny Breau’s Younger Days

Each time I listen to Lenny Breau’s music, after 38 years of professional experience, I am still in awe of his musical genius. Lenny Breau was such an outstanding guitarist. He merged jazz with so many other styles, and he had such a unique and soulful sound.

Organ Playing: How to Play Bach on a Good Level?

For organists, Bach’s music is the beginning and the end. Just about every organists’ career starts and ends with it. It is such a beautiful music that in order do it justice, you should really play it well. In order to learn to play Bach organ works on a good level, you should do the following.

Learning Your Own Guitar Solo Lesson

Learning how to play the guitar is not something that happens overnight. It takes time and dedication to end up playing like your idols, and sometimes, even more than that. There are plenty of aspiring guitar players that dream of a perfect guitar solo lesson that will transform them into guitar gods, but the truth is there is no such lesson. Instead of trying to achieve something in this manner, you should focus on a few key recommendations that will help you get there, while you are studying the instrument.

How to Learn Guitar Scales – The Essentials

When starting to learn playing the guitar, many students are tempted to feel that mastering this instrument can be quite a daunting task. However, if you are focused on the essentials of how to learn guitar scales, you will never go wrong, and you will be able to play any music pieces you want.

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