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Taking Music Lessons

If you enjoy music – why not participate? Taking music lessons may help you achieve exactly that. Experiencing music. Listening to music can be a fantastic experience, but playing it can add an entirely different dimension.

Home Music Lessons – The Benefits of Taking Music Lessons in Your Home

We’ve all heard about the academic and personal benefits of taking music lessons. Once a family has decided to start music lessons, they then have the choice between taking home music lessons or lessons in a teacher’s studio. One of the questions an in-home music teacher hears frequently is, “Does taking a music lesson in your own home make that make of a difference versus in a school or a studio?

Learning Jazz Piano

Learning jazz piano is easier to do when you have the basics of the playing the piano under your belt. Learning jazz is very rewarding. The benefits of learning jazz will last you a lifetime.

Writing Songs in 3D

Some songwriters seem to think all they have to do to write a great song, is come up with a great melody, and a great lyric – and the rest will write itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. To me, there’s nothing worse than a wonderful melody and a super lyric inside a badly thought out song.

How Piano Lessons Could Enhance the Skills of Your Child in Music

Piano has a unique approach when it comes to music. It soothes the mind of its listeners because of its mild and cool tone. Teaching how to play a piano can be very easy especially if you are really eager to learn.

Guitar Maintenance – Two Maintenance Tips That Will Make Any Guitar Sound Better

Having a good instrument to play or practice on is crucial in order to progress on it. There is nothing more discouraging than not being able to play your best because of fret buzz or strings being so high that it is very hard press them down. There are two things you MUST do in order to get your guitar sounding as best as it can sound.

Finger Picking Guitar – Easy Finger Picking Pattern

Finger picking is one of the most interesting technique used in playing the guitar, it is almost equivalent to playing the piano with all your fingers. More possibilities can be achieved with this style of playing, and it can really highlight the versatile quality of the instrument.

How to Get Your Child Into Music Education Programs

Many young people today greatly enjoy playing music. For some, they want to be part of an orchestra and perform for audiences. Youth orchestras are becoming more popular and common in response to this increased demand.

Practicing Guitar – What to Practice

I remember when I first started playing the guitar, it seemed like there were millions of things one could choose from to practice and it sure was overwhelming to say the least. After experimenting with multiple practice plans over the years, I narrowed it down to five main subjects you need to practice each and every day.

How to Become Rich Giving Music Lessons

Many struggling artists are looking for ways to make ends meet without taking their focus off of their craft, but that can be challenging. A great way to make money while sharing the joy of music is to teach other people how to play. There are a few options for musicians who are wondering how to become rich giving music lessons.

Learning the Notes on the Guitar – A Simple Exercise to Learn the Notes on the Fretboard

To really understand music theory properly and to really be a great guitar player, you need to know the notes on the guitar fretboard. This exercise requires a lot of time but you will see results immediately after doing it once.

Guitarist’s Checklist – 14 Points to Success at Guitar

If you are thinking about starting to learn how to play the guitar, you need to know few things beforehand. As a beginner I had no one to direct me or give some tips on what I needed to have in order to see results.

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