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Emotion in Singing

Combining Emotion and Technique Through Vocal Training. Vocal training allows you to learn more than just singing technique. More importantly, it will also help you bring forth the beauty in your singing by mixing emotion with your vocals that are technically accurate.

Making Rap Beats For Extra Money – It’s Easy If You Know How

So you’ve been making some pretty sick beats lately and you’re starting to enjoy making rap beats but you’re in need of some extra cash so you can buy some studio gear, music equipment or that expensive mic you’ve always wanted. Time to put your talents to good use and start making some money by selling your rap beats – profitable hobby or your road to making bank!

How to Make Hip Hop Beats (Fl Studio)

Before I actually start writing down the steps required to make a beat, I want to say that this is aimed at people that have already read the Fl Studio manual (or their DAW’s manual) and know their way around the program. Some of the things I will say in this article may be regarded as false or untrue by some, but this is just the way I do things, everyone has their own technique.

Trumpet Playing Styles – How to Develop a Distinct and Authentic Sound

There are hundreds of thousands of trumpet players in the world, perhaps even millions. I really have no clue as to the real number of players there are, and the exact number isn’t important. The thing I would like you to think about is how many of those players could you distinguish by name from their sound alone? My guess is you probably couldn’t name too many. Why are some players instantly recognizable while others may be good players, but sound too similar to other good players to recognize individually? The answer is that the players who are easily identifiable have developed a personal style that sets them apart. And for this reason, most of those players are the ones that have become more well-known such as: Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, and Miles Davis.

How to Write a Song If You’ve Never Done It Before

No matter what anyone else tells you, songwriting is a talent which you develop over time. No one picks up a guitar and pens a top 40 hit on their first try. Everyone’s first attempts at songwriting are necessary but generally very bad, so you’ve got to keep at it. Of course it helps having the proper method when it comes to songwriting, as well, so let’s talk about how to write a song if you’ve never done it before.

What to Do With Guitar Capos and Fingerpicks

Have you ever tried to learn a song by ear but no matter what you tried you could not match your playing to the song? The notes were all there but you had to twist you fingers into impossible positions to get it to sound close? Sometimes this is a guitar that is tuned up or down to a different key but many times it is as simple as a capo.

Teach Yourself Easy Keyboard Songs Quickly In Your Own Home

Is learning the keyboard something you have always dreamed of doing but it is the one thing that gets pushed aside? We all have dreams that we hope one day will be fulfilled; sometimes it seems like a lifetime away, but most people eventually find the time to pursue their hobby. Even just fifteen minutes a day playing keyboard will prove beneficial and you will be playing Bach or your favourite pop tune in no time at all.

Learning the Keyboard – Fun Games to Teach Kids to Play the Keyboard

Have you been wondering what it would be like if your children pursue their dreams of playing the keyboard. Lots of children find musical instruments interesting and exciting, and with the keyboard it is usually introduced from a young age. You can buy little keyboards from almost anyway now including main supermarkets, and it’s something most young children will have in their toy box.

Guitar Practise For Progress

Timing issues The best way to practise is to always begin slowly and always practise in time and preferably to a metronome. This is true of any style of music because the most important aspect of most music is WHEN a note or chord or contrapuntal melody note is sounded relative to another note or chord. Most pupils or students seem to avoid this fact and instead try to play by ‘feeling’ the tune.

Feedback – Not The Electric Guitar Kind

The kind of feedback we’re talking here is not the squealing, piercing cry of a vintage Les Paul electric guitar held too close to the amp it’s plugged into; this kind of feedback can make or break a musician. Too often budding guitarists lock themselves away in their rooms for hours upon hours of mind numbing repetition and experimentation. The idea is to become the Wizard of Oz, or something, and suddenly jump out from behind the curtain wielding flawless hammer-ons and gritty power chords like some guitar god of the ages.

How to Improve Your Transcribing on the Drums

Tips on how to improve your listening skills. Follow these tips and your transcribing skills will improve quite a bit.

The Recorder: A Brief History

The recorder is a small and unique woodwind instrument, designed to utilize the player’s airflow to produce a multitude of notes and sounds. Like most woodwind instruments, the recorder has several openings throughout the instrument which, when covered with one’s fingers in different combinations, constructs various notes, tones, and pitches. Unlike other woodwind instruments, however, the recorder does not use a reed in the mouthpiece to produce the instrument’s sound.

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