“Solar” – John Stowell & O. Groenewald – Thursday Tunes: Episode 47

How to Create Sheet Music

The first step is to get the music floating around in your head down on paper or digital format. You can either get a music notation program and input the music yourself, or write it out by hand and hire a professional to engrave it for you.

How to Record Your Music

How to record your music using a recording studio or recording/mixing/sampling software. The following article is a collection of knowledge and experience that I have gained from the last 11 years of creating and selling music.

Advice For Selecting Your First Piano Teacher

What should you consider when starting out to learn to play the piano? You may feel you need a lot of help. You may search for piano lessons on the web or purchase a how to play the piano book. You may even consider finding a piano teacher as a priority. There are many websites online that offer free piano lessons and there are some that charge for the lessons. Most website explains the cost of the lessons and others you will find a little harder to determine the costs.

3 Simple Suggestions That Will Supercharge Your Blues Guitar Skills in No Time

3 Very Important aspects of guitar training that is so often overlooked by most guitar players, especially beginners. Find out about them and see how quickly your skills will improve after you’ve implemented them into your guitar training routines.

Distressed Guitars and Signature Models

Looking around at the current crop of guitar models available, I cannot help but notice the explosion of “distressed” guitars, and signature models. Both are generally much more expensive that stock production equivalents. I don’t understand the appeal of either.

Songwriting Chord Progressions

Songwriting chord progressions are as numerous and varied as the artists penning the tune. But before we get too far into that, let us consider the basics of songwriting chord progressions. First, what is a chord?

Songwriting Chord Progressions

How many different kinds of songwriting chord progressions are there? There are innumerable songwriting chord progressions, but some sample chord progressions are more popular and appealing than others and belong to particular styles of music. Rock: The most popular forms of songwriting chord progressions in rock are the minor key, or the faux minor key.

Why Guitar Lessons on YouTube Can Only Get You So Far

Over the past 5-10 years, there has undoubtedly been a media revolution. Everybody now has the same tools to create worthwhile content and get millions of people watching. This has led to a very democratic information age, where everything is accessible and the best content may or may not float to the top.

What to Consider in Finding the Right Voice Lessons

There are many people in the world who are born with a wonderful voice but there are also a large number of those people who don’t have a great voice by birth. They have lots of passion and desire to become a professional singer but they don’t have a naturally gifted great voice but there is no need to worry as they always have the option to take voice lessons to improve their voice. The most important thing is to take the right voice lessons and in this article you will find great information that will help you in finding the right voice lessons.

What Is a Graded Music Exam?

Find out what is required when you want to take a graded music exam for any instrument. The ABRSM is currently the main examination board in the UK for this and offers syllabus for 35 separate instruments.

How to Make Instrumental Beats

If you’re interested in producing hip-hop beats instrumentals, there are some things you will need to know. It is not an overly complex subject, but you still want to be sure you understand the fundamentals of what makes a good rap beat. Some of the concepts that you will be introduced to hear will shed light on how you can make rap and hip-hop instrumentals.

Learning to Play the Guitar: How to Get Started

Playing the guitar is a popular hobby with millions of people all around the world. Learning a guitar requires practice and patience, but once you master the basics there is no limit as to how far you can take it.

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