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6 Different Guitar Picking Styles

New guitar players will sometimes overlook their right-hand to pay attention to all of the activity on the left. But the picking hand holds the keys to a variety of textures and styles. This summary of various picking techniques will help you to explore some of these textures and then incorporate them into your guitar playing.

How to Program an Organ Recital – Example for Intermediate Level Organists

Organists who have intermediate level skills and want to play a recital have more options than beginners. This is because their technical abilities are somewhat more developed and naturally there is a wider variety of organ repertoire from which to choose. However, intermediate level organists still have to consider the instrument and the audience and create a program which has a nice variety of contrasts and unity. In this article, I will provide an example of organ recital program for intermediate level organists.

Singing Tips for Beginners

There are a lot of good singing tips for beginners if they ever want to try singing their way into a music career. Most good singers, male and female, have completed singing classes or voice lessons some time in their life, which is the reason why they developed into the great singers we know today. Popular modern singers today, such as Katy Perry and Beyonce who wrote plentiful hit songs, have taken some sort of voice instruction or read about singing tips for beginners when they were first getting started. Although part of singing comes from the strength of the singer’s voice box, which is usually determined naturally at birth, a lot of practice is involved in building a great singing voice.

4 Things You’ll Need to Start Producing Electronic Music

Electronic music has become so popular in recent times that more and more people are getting into the creative side of producing it. With many famous artists of today being DJs and producers, this is not a surprise to me. To be honest, having played in bands, being an electronic producer is in many ways easier than playing in a band for many reasons. So if you have decided to delve into this world of music, you will undoubtedly need to purchase some gear. Here is what you will need to get started.

Can You REALLY Learn To Sing Using Singing Software?

You love singing along with your favorite singers and bands, but sometimes you find yourself straining to hit a high note or singing out of tune and think “whoa” that sounded like crap!” You chuckle at yourself for a minute but then realize that you actually genuinely love to sing and you’d like to learn to do it better. Usually, what you’d do is go find yourself a singing teacher and take a few voice lessons.

What Is the Best Way to Learn a New Organ Piece – Pedals First or Manuals First?

Are you frustrated because you don’t know what is the best way to learn a new piece for the organ? If you want to succeed in organ playing it is important you choose the learning method that is both efficient and easy to implement. In this article, I will teach you what is the best way to learn a new organ piece.

Online Djembe Drum Teacher

Finding an online djembe drum teacher is much easier than finding a personal tutor. If you want to learn how to play the djembe then online lessons is definitely a good option.

Learn The Djembe

The djembe is a great instrument to learn if you’re interested in playing hand drums. Find out how you can learn the djembe from home.

3 Tips For Writing Songs in a Band Environment

So you’ve gotten down the task of writing a song on your own but there’s just one problem: You aren’t a soloist and your band doesn’t appreciate you writing their parts for them. This means the band will need to write songs together which means some teamwork and synergy between band members will be needed. Hopefully, because you ARE in a band together, there is some great synergy already. Having been in several bands and toured, played, recorded and written with professional musicians such as George Clinton, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Tim Alexander (Primus) and many others, I’ve had first hand experience in this creation process at a professional level and have some tips for all you bands out there writing songs together.

How to Develop Speed in the Organ Pedal Technique?

Have you ever observed the pedal technique of a world-class organist? It seems like he or she can play effortlessly for hours at a top speed. How do you develop speed in your pedal technique? In this article, I will share with you 4 tips which will help you to achieve this level of proficiency.

Learn To Play The Djembe

If you want to learn to play the djembe then there’s no better place to start than by using the internet. Find out what you need to do in order to become a master of the instrument.

How To Play The Djembe

Learning the djembe can be a very rewarding process that could drastically improve your hand drumming ability. Find out what steps you must take if you want to become a djembe master.

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