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The 5-String Bass Guitar

For anyone who has learned how to play the bass guitar that has four strings, having one that is 5-stringed would be heaven-sent. This type of bass guitar is much more popular today as it allows you to play music without the need for you to move up or down on the fret board that much.

Tips on How to Solo on Bass Guitar

Is playing the bass guitar one of the things that you love the most? Maybe you are in this particular time when you are utterly enjoying what you know of yet don’t you sometimes wish that at one point you could still improve what you know and what you can do?

The Top Picks of Bass Guitar Lessons Online

Nowadays there are more convenient and easier ways by which people learn new things that they can make full use of in life. As for musicians particularly those who are new in learning how to play bass guitar, there can be lessons online which prove to be not only effective but full of wonderful features of convenience.

The Pros and Cons of Yamaha Bass Guitars

Bass guitar players comparing a Yamaha bass guitar with other brands in the market will not only find it to be a great looking and great sounding bass instrument but also an economical one. It is found to be a great first choice bass instrument for beginner bass players.

Practice Tips for Bass Guitar Scales

I cannot imagine this world without music. For a lot of people, songs help lighten their mood, increase their enthusiasm, remove their stress, and even explain their emotions. For some, making and playing songs is their passion, and an inevitable part of their day.

Major Reasons to Take Bass Guitar Lessons

Due to the popularity of acoustic music, there are a lot of people who are interested in learning how to play a guitar but for some serious musicians learning how to play bass guitar is very important. There are some who think playing bass is more difficult to learn and handle.

How to Find the Right Bass Guitar for You

In buying your very first bass guitar, it is important to find the right one for you. There are a lot of guides that can help you in knowing what the best is. There are many designs and different number of strings; there are those with 4, 5 or 6 strings.

3 Singing Tips To Improve Your Vocal Power

Did you know that there are a few simple things you could do right now to drastically improve your singing? In this article, I’ll show you 3 quick and easy tips to improve your singing that you can do right now.

Why Everyone Should Listen to Classical Music

We all tend to associate classical music with sophistication, technical skill and expression, all of which are true. However, did you know that classical music is actually beneficial for you to listen to it?

Why Should You Choose an Acoustic Bass Guitar?

The acoustic bass guitar is an instrument which can be an addition to a bass guitar player’s collection of instruments, one which he can pick out easily when he wants to have some bass playing practice. This is because this kind of bass guitar will not give out a strong bass tone, not as loud and full tone as the electric bass guitar, and only ideal for practice.

Where Did the Bass Guitar Originate?

It was in the 1930s when an American inventor name Paul Tutmarc from Seattle, Washington, created the first guitar-style electric bass instrument. It was fretted and designed to be played horizontally, and could be plugged into an amplification device.

The Different Types of Bass Guitar

A musical instrument used to provide a powerful low tone as background music of a song is the bass guitar, and it is this back-up sound that gives the fuller sound of the music. A song without this low bass tone in the background will sound empty, and one cannot experience the fuller sound without this bass tone.

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